We indicate with the term Pre-print all steps which is necessary to the print completion:

The make an estimate. It is a very important step to be carried with care and precision. Very often our interlocutor is not a technician, but only a person who has ( or is considering whether to ) buy the paper for the specific use its company need to do.

In order to advise, we need to know and for this reason we ask questions going deeply into the details of the request. Often the buyer plans to use a type of paper, but then he find he can use another one, equally suited but cheaper.

The first thing we do is therefore to suggest some alternatives about paper..

The second thing we ask for is the sheet size you want to accomplish. We can make any size between cm.100 and 150. However, after a first measurement input from the buyer, we suggest the nearest size without producing waste.

The third issue to face is how many sheets per ream the buyer needs. Nothing changes for us, we can do everything, that is, our machines can do everything.

The fourth thing we do is to ask if the paper sheets ( or sometimes the reels ) must be packaged in bundles or boxes.

The fifth thing we ask is how many kg. each package must be. We recommend staying on 10/15 kg. to allow an easy manual ability for female staff too. We almost never suggest over 20 kg. for each package.

The sixth thing we ask is the delivery of the goods.

In few steps we have every element to estimate the hundredth of a euro.


  • Use of paper ?
  • Sheet format (or reel) ?
  • How many sheets per ream or reams of how many kg. ?
  • Packaged in boxes or else?
  • Delivery of the goods?

Precise estimates = Happy customers.

The choice of the printing system is an important factor. The more the printing is longer and the more it costs. We always suggest and estimate the cheapest solution.

When we receive an order we always send our order confirmation and a draft printing. We ask you to return it signed for approval. Our order confirmation contains all the elements we discussed and budgeted.