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Colored tissue paper in paste Gr.25

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This tissue paper is very noble and well formed with an impeccable  coloring. Some customers require colored tissue paper on both sides. Colored tissue paper in paste is a good solution because  it is produced directly colored, not white and then printed in full background on both sides, but colored directly during production.              
We have a few standard colors available, the most widely used but it is also possible to produce specific colors requested by the customers; the minimum amount of production is 5000 kg.
Certainly it is not a quantity which can be afforded for all but the machines producing paper are heavy heavy and require minimal productions.
Colored Tissue paper in paste is often used customized by fashion houses with logos or images.                                                           

You can find different qualities of colored tissue paper in paste, especially of Chinese production. Ours is produce in Europe with very high quality and environmental standards.   For our Clients we try to choose the best giving guarantees and quality specifications     

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