To choose us as supplier of customized paper means to rely on skilled artisans who has been serving the market for over half a century. We are not a factory but mechanized paper artisans. For us, paper is a passion. Paper is for us a mean to realize our dreams. We listen to customer’ s necessities and realize what he asks for custom-made.

If a print is not good for any reason, we make it again. We do not seek for speed but for pinpoint accuracy. Our machines never run at their most because we want the product to be made with care and precision. Each pack is perfect, every pallet is tightly sealed, any offer or order confirmation is precise and clear. We preserve printing machines in the dark and individually wrapped. We have more than 10,000 in store!

If a Client is in a hurry we satisfy him. We are artisans, not manufacturers. We are reliable, our financial rating is excellent, we have resources to grow, innovate and buy all the raw materials we need. We are trustworthy.