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For fashion

The manufacturer

Very often clothing manufactures need to increase the perceived value of their products, not only with an advertised brand, but also with an attractive packaging. The function of packaging is manifold because, in addition to the protection of the product, it communicates an obvious or subliminal positive message to the object user. Packaging is a very important part of product marketing.

The user

We have briefly discussed the fashion manufacture’s point of view and needs. Now we reverse the perspective to the point of view and needs of the user of the fashion product. An important point is expectation. Once you have decided to spend more for a well made, branded and “fashionable” product, you accept to spend a greater amount of money in comparison to a commercial dress or pair of shoes. By virtue of this increased spending you expect: excellent design and quality of the materials and an impeccable workmanship. That is not all. Part of the price of the product is the shopping experience. Therefore courtesy at the store and finally packaging. From outside to inside: a branded and important bag, a beautiful and well made box, an impeccable wrapping of the product.

Right here, the need to “dress up” the product comes.

The product

If we go on then we can also imagine that for once we are the product. We are a beautiful pair of woman shoes. We cost more than one thousand euros. Do we want to go out ( see box ) dressed in rags? Certainly not.

The most used papers by fashion manufacturers are:

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  • The Bible Tissue paper was the noblest paper with which the best editions of the Bible were printed. Hence the name.

    Tissue paper Bible Sunset g.28 is a white, opaque, velvety paper to the touch. It is perfectly firmed and consists of pure cellulose. It is a very easy paper to be printed with simple logos or full background. It is an excellent paper which intrigues who manages it for its nobility.

    It has a PH which allows to be in contact with any kind of material without transmigration. It is usually used by major fashion brands to package their unique products.

  • This tissue paper is very noble and well formed with an impeccable  coloring. Some customers require colored tissue paper on both sides. Colored tissue paper in paste is a good solution because  it is produced directly colored, not white and then printed in full background on both sides, but colored directly during production.              
    We have a few standard colors available, the most widely used but it is also possible to produce specific colors requested by the customers; the minimum amount of production is 5000 kg.
    Certainly it is not a quantity which can be afforded for all but the machines producing paper are heavy heavy and require minimal productions.
    Colored Tissue paper in paste is often used customized by fashion houses with logos or images.                                                           

    You can find different qualities of colored tissue paper in paste, especially of Chinese production. Ours is produce in Europe with very high quality and environmental standards.   For our Clients we try to choose the best giving guarantees and quality specifications     

  • This is the best tissue paper on the market worldwide. It is a paper perfectly formed and made entirely of pure cellulose, homogeneous and translucent with an icy effect.

    This tissue paper can be printed with logos or full background in any color, including white. It is so transparent that even white color stands out, although it is a very small part.

    Mechanically this tissue paper has a metallic sound to the crease and it is perfectly suitable for wrappers or packaging of the highest quality.
    It has a PH suitable for contact with the most sensitive products. It is the preferred paper of high fashion, especially in the clothing or footwear. This paper greatly increases the perceived value of the product. Another little heavier version is available of 26 g./squared meters. Extra Silky Strong Tissue paper is the most used in the footwear industry.

    To choose this tissue paper for your packaging is never a mistake.

  • Tissue paper Extra Silky Strong gr.26/squared meters. Is one of the best paper on the market. It has a very compact and formed.

    This paper has an icy effect and almost a metallic noise to the crease. The Extra Silky Strong tissue paper is easily printable, also in full background on both sides.

    This is the paper of choice for high fashion footwear to pack their products. Alternatively you can Extra Silky Tissue paper gr.20 for its lightness. The Extra Silky Strong Tissue paper has about the same thickness of Bible Sunset da gr. 28 Tissue Paper.

  • The machine glazed paper Kraft gr.30 is to the limit, by weight, between normal papers  and tissue papers .

    It is a very versatile and cheap well formed white paper. It consists of pure cellulose and it is suitable to be printed with dark logos. It is not suited to be printed with full backgrounds.The machine glazed translucent Kraft gr.30 is often the paper with which Pharmacies wrap medicine boxes.

    It is often used by chain stores as counter paper, one sheet as tissue paper and two overlapping as  

  • Silvery Parchment Paper gr.40 is a noble paper, translucent and shiny. It has an icy effect. This paper is very versatile for its appearance and it is formed by pure cellulose. Florists, confectioners but also shoe factories who wants to differentiate themselves uses it in their packaging.

  • Tissue paper Stardust gr. 20/squared meters. Is a very light glazed white paper. It has a compact structure. It is not transparent. It is a paper suitable to be printed with full background and /or logos of any kind. It is the cheapest tissue on the market . It can be used for both filling, protecting and wrapping the products.

    Many great fashion brands uses it printed with logos for its cheapness and versatility. Three overlapping sheets can be represent a great luxury wrapping.

    We use it for the most commercial projects. From this paper you can obtain Sheets and / or Reels. The measures obtainable derives from its printing range of mm.1000, using its submultiples.

    The Ph, almost neutral (6,5-6,8), of Tissue paper Stardust allows an optimal preservation of the materials in contact with it.
    Unwanted chemical reactions and / or discolorations are excluded with Tissue paper Stardust.

    • Technical Data Sheet of Tissue paper Stardust gr. 20 squared meters – download pdf

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