RossiCarta has existed for nearly 50 years. It was founded as a company for paper transformation and it evolves with different and complementary bussinness unities.

Rossi Carta is

• With the brand RedsPaper a manufacturer of customized papers.
• With the brand RossiCarta, wholesaler of articles for the decoration and trader and manufacturer of customized decorative items.
• With the brand RossiCarta on-line store of items for decoration, manufacturer and trader of customized decorative items.

As we already said, we are a company that has half a century of life and we understand that our future is an opening to the market. Rossi Carta wants to share and grow together with Customers and Suppliers. We believe that in the current competitive environment, companies can lo longer work isolated and self-sufficiently, but they must instead become actors of a network of loyal partners composed by clients, employees, suppliers, distributors and brokers.

If the company carefully selects these partners, and their goals are aligned, rewards are fair and motivating, this network of operators can become a powerful player. Anyway to achieve this, the company must share its mission, its vision and values the other members of the network, in order to act in unison in pursuit of common goals.