Flexographic Printing.

The flexographic printing, or flexo, is also used for more challenging productions, thanks to the improved characteristics of the components used so much so to be used, together with other printing techniques, also for newspaper. The matrix is flexographic, flexible and soft, and is wrapped on a cylinder. The print is direct: the cliché transfers the ink directly to the substrate to be printed thanks to a slight pressure exerted by a pressure cylinder (that is kiss printing).

The ink is applied by a roller made of steel or ceramic, (Anilox roller) that is charged with ink with two different systems: the first, by means of an ink pot full of liquid ink, while a blade (doctor blade) removes the excess from the surface of the roller, in way which is similar to what happens for rotogravure printing: the second system tales place by means of a rubber roller which, in addition to catch the ink from a basin and transfer it, also acts as a spatula on the anilox roller with which is in contact turning at a lower speed.

The anilox roll is engraved with several small cells, from 80 to 500 per centimeter. A higher number of cells promotes the printing of details while a low number facilitates the printing of solids. The material printed with flexography is varied.

Freely from Wikipedia. http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flexografia

We print with up to four colors at once, separated, or using a four-color CMYK. With only four colors we can get endless, just overlapping them. Read more if you want: http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/CMYK

UV Printing

We can print more color with UV inks and drying lamps. Uv printing is very glossy and stylish. For example. it allows to print a white logo in a black paper or to print a gloss paint on a matte paper. This type of printing is mainly used by high fashion for brands of the highest brands. It is beautiful and it characterizes packaging a lot.

Flat Printing

We have a beautiful machine for flat printing with which we print on paper each drawing with many colors or very complex four-colors printings.