The common thread of all our history is the VAT number of the company that has never changed, but rather handed down from person to person. In fact we can consider the “Rossi” as the professional history of people who passed their responsibility in the succession of generations. The story of Rossi Carta is inextricably linked to its founder Vittorio Rossi. The writer has known him for over 20 years and he can describe him as a hardworking man who has devoted much of his life to paper processing.

Certainly Vittorio Rossi was ambitious and courageous in his profession and he believed that he could not do it all alone. Above all he needed to share its growth with others who were brave and professional artisans like him. Vittorio did not seek only good workers but also partners with whom to share. Its members could not only bring capital but also experience and talent. Not always the people he choiced were worthy, but on average “Rossi” has more and more grown from a small workshop to a real firm with business units and specific skills.

It seems Vittorio Rossi was looking for excellent craftsmen and great sellers and then thought about a company asset being a mix between domestic workers and outside sellers. Maybe Vittorio Rossi knew how to produce but had not time to sell, we should have asked him, however he did not want to be the only man in his company.

In more than fifty years of history, “Rossi” has always been able to prove excellence and demonstrate to have a soul of its own, apart from its owners. “Rossi”’s life has always been linked to paper processing and in this it has proved and still does, its excellence and responsibility.

Some milestones:

18th March 1963 Rossi Vittorio and Salvi Egisto SNC, Paper processing, were born.

The company remains so for a little more over a decade and then, Egisto Salvi is replaced by Ivan Morghenti, we are in 1974 and Egisto Salvi retires.

In 1979 a new partner is added, Gabriele Bersani, but after just five years he dies leaving a great empty place.

From 1984 to 2002 the history of Rossi Vittorio & C. passes through various stages of growth where some members give way to others, but all revolve around the important figure of Vittorio Rossi.

From 2002 to 2004 a very important fact for us takes place. Vittorio Rossi definitely leaves the scenes. In his places comes a woman. Elisabetta Bettelli, a strong and farsighted woman. Elisabetta gives the company a feminine touch that allows the development of the Cash & Carry, offering peculiarities not found anywhere else in the area.

The Rossi Vittorio & C. SNC becomes Rossi Carta snc.

In 2004 then the Rossi Carta Ltd. is born, the company grows up and needs a new name more suited to the task.

From 2004 up the present day the company grows, it is renewed, it becomes stronger and it penetrates better the market, imposing itself as a manufacturer of customized paper, exporting and producing more and more and it is unaffected by, even strengthened by the Great Economic Crisis.

More than 50 years of history, tens of thousand tons of paper produced, more than 4000 Clients and an important business diversification which makes it strong and peaceful.