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Tissue paper Gr.20

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Tissue paper Stardust gr. 20/squared meters. Is a very light glazed white paper. It has a compact structure. It is not transparent. It is a paper suitable to be printed with full background and /or logos of any kind. It is the cheapest tissue on the market . It can be used for both filling, protecting and wrapping the products.

Many great fashion brands uses it printed with logos for its cheapness and versatility. Three overlapping sheets can be represent a great luxury wrapping.

We use it for the most commercial projects. From this paper you can obtain Sheets and / or Reels. The measures obtainable derives from its printing range of mm.1000, using its submultiples.

The Ph, almost neutral (6,5-6,8), of Tissue paper Stardust allows an optimal preservation of the materials in contact with it.
Unwanted chemical reactions and / or discolorations are excluded with Tissue paper Stardust.

  • Technical Data Sheet of Tissue paper Stardust gr. 20 squared meters – download pdf
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