For half a century we have been printing customized paper of every type. Our machines are very efficient. Someone may be dated but we never buy expensive equipments just to get the latest model and then transfer the cost to the product. In this way our prices are very competitive and the quality of the product is guaranteed by appropriate machines, which we often modify or even design and built. Quality is of utmost importance for us; not speed, that often creates inaccuracies or carelessness. Our employees are trained and used to solve every problem of quality and have no advantage in making inappropriate or inaccurate products. For us quality is culture. We serve every customer exactly the product he required.

If in a working process we realize that something is wrong, we do not go forward but stop the machines and think on how to solve the problem. Time is not money for us; time is a necessary mean to understand and solve. If we put half a day or a whole day to make a product nothing changes for us, as long as the product coming out from our machines or our hands is simply perfect.
We apply the utmost care in the packaging of our products in order that they will not be damaged in transport, loading, unloading and handling at the customers’ warehouses.
We are artisans, not an industry for quantities. Our productive capacity is wide and at peaks we work generously without lowering the level.