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For generic industrial use

Often food industry requires papers, formats and specific machining suited to their automatic machines, for mass production of products.

We carry out very particular processing on food papers. For example, very small sizes and punctures.

We adapt our production to the specific needs of the customer.

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  • The machine glazed Kraft paper gr.50 is a very versatile economical and well formed white paper. It consists in pure¬† cellulose and is easy printable with logos and full backgrounds.

    It is the most used paper by industries for different uses, protective ones and metallizations. It is often used for security seals toilet cover for instance.

    It is often used by chain stores as counter paper.

  • Polyethylene paper g.45 + PE 9 My is white and well formed. It is coupled to a thin layer of polyethylene barrier which makes it impermeable to fats, and therefore very suitable for food contact.

    Polyethylene paper g.45 + PE 9 My g.45 + PE 9 my is the right paper for butcher shops, pizzerias, ovens. It is a paper for all those who provide food for counter and take away food consumption.

    Polyethylene Coated paper is easily printable with any type of logo and image.

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