Adequate Productive Design

The company design (machines in the right place) is very important to if you retrieve margin production and gain in well-being and safety.

After much thinking we decided to move a machine to cut sheets. We have calculated that, by moving it only one meter, we would have gained, in two persons, at least 500 steps less to produce the same amount of product. About 300 meters less per day. In 2015 there are 254 working days that, multiplied by 300 meters a day are 76 kilometers!

To walk 76 kilometers a person uses about 26 hours which, at 25 euros per hour are six hundred  euro/year savings plus two pairs of shoes, fatigue and sore feet.

Hard work we have done because the machines weights 47 tons! Now we have sore feet and back pain but…….we have the machine in the right place!

Recently, we did the same thing with other machines which had a “settled” position for years.

With the moving of some machines, even slightly, we discovered we could work much better.